What’s in the Backpack of your Life?

Words of wisdom.

Forward Walking

Walking the paths of the Anasazi WAY

Where are you going? Where are you headed? And what are you carrying with you? 

What’s in the backpack of your life?

Do the burdens you choose to carry with you in your life make the walking easier or harder?

Have the commitments you’ve made on your time, talents, and abilities burdened you more than they are worth? Or do they set you free and allow your soar free in some form of expression that would otherwise be denied you?

EVERYTHING in your life you carry with you: people, places, things, commitments, responsibilities, inadequacies, strengths, and weaknesses. All of these things take shape in our lives as the things and commitments we choose to fill our lives with. The more things we carry the heavier our load and fewer options we have when it comes to distance and freedom of travel. The more commitments we take which consume our time…

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