Apricot Whole Wheat Muffins with Pistachios

good food not much time

My youngest son used to have quite the sweet tooth.  Dealing with this problem can always be frustrating.  Starting early is always best, but if you are trying to make changes now, you can still be successful.

I call my technique “whittling.”  Making small changes until you get where you want to be. One of those changes was introducing muffins like these.  Whole wheat and natural sugars help keep you full and prevent blood sugars from spiking.  They are an excellent substitute for cupcakes.


Do they still want icing?  Try some different toppings, dried coconut (unsweetened) with a tiny sprinkling of raw sugar has far fewer carbs than a big dollop of icing. Not a coconut fan?  Try toasted nuts.  Even just the sprinkle of sugar will give them that little shot of sweet as they get used to not being slapped with sugar.  Involving your family in the process…

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